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beans from scratch : how to

i realize this seems like a silly post. first, beans in convenient non-perishable cans are available in any variety at the store; second, how hard can it be to throw beans and water in a pot and simmer until they’re cooked? while the from scratch method is a bit cheaper, it does take time and foresight which turns lots of people off. but it tastes so much better!

when you cook beans from scratch correctly they become a whole different food with a much deeper flavor. you also have the freedom to add spices and herbs to infuse the bean itself, as well as the liquid (making bean soup just a few additional steps). plus, it takes all of two minutes to make the adjustments.

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vegetable broth : how to

the first thing i thought about when writing this post was: the greatest hoax ever perpetrated.

well, that is definitely not the case, but at a price of at least 2.50 for a packaged container of vegetable broth that goes back in about a week, vegetable broth is kind of a rip off. especially because inever use the whole thing. unless i’m doing super meal planning that week; lets be honest, that almost never happens.

making your own vegetable broth is easy, and best of all: it doesn’t cost a thing! all you have to do is save the scraps from the vegetables you’re already cooking with. peels, skins, ends, floppy sad carrots, etc.

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rehydrating vegetables : how to

i left some asparagus out overnight. that could have been disastrous at up to five bucks a pound depending on the day but it is easy to fix.

just throw those veggies in some water for about an hour (or more, depending on thickness) and they turn from floppy worthlessness to nice and crisp.

this works for asparagus, green beens, broccoli, squash, carrots, and probably many other things. i can’t guarantee success and sometimes vegetables are just too far gone, but when your supplies are water and a container, it can’t hurt to try.