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i feel a little silly posting a recipe on how to make caprese but i didn’t discover it until 6 or 7 years ago so chances are there are still a few people out there who don’t know it exists yet. and of course i’m a bit biased and think my way of doing it is the best.

its been almost a week since i posted a recipe. yikes! i just went back to work this week after having almost 4 months of vacation so when i come home i’m lazy and exhausted from my long bike ride so anything coming from the kitchen (rather than pizza delivery or the bar across the street) is a miracle. that’s why i have had caprese 3 out of 7 days this week.

the other thing keeping recipes off this blog this week is the fear of having to clean up my kitchen to take photos. there are lots of blogs that have recently done “my kitchen in real life” bits, where their kitchen looks like the immaculate surfaces in my mom’s house and i really don’t believe that’s “real life”. that’s not how my kitchen rolls unless its once a week after we clean. most of the time i can shove things out of the camera frame, but not this week. that’s what sundays are for.

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pan “baked” enchiladas

take that, weather! i can make enchiladas and not turn on the oven, thus heating the house to even more unbearable levels. i know people in the rest of the country have been dealing with the heat all summer, but it has only recently came to oregon and i’m a baby about it.

eating salad and cold sandwiches and even caprese (coming soon) gets old after awhile. so i crafted a plan to make enchiladas without turning the oven on. i did absolutely no research to see if it had been done before; it could have turned out burnt on the bottom and cold on the inside and a waste of enchilada, but it didn’t! it was delicious! and i only had to have the stove top on for about 25 minutes.

the recipe that follows is my go-to enchilada recipe but you can do what you like. because i’m ridiculous i made the beans and enchilada sauce from scratch late the night before but you can keep your sanity if you like and go with the stuff from a can. the less warmth in your house, the better.

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smoked salmon dip

i’m trying to be kind here and put off posting pictures of mac and cheese with a deliciously crispy top and gooey center i made last week. its too hot and it would be cruel to taunt you with things that require half an hour of baking time. so for now i’m trying to focus on the oven-free cooking the heat wave has forced me into.

i mentioned earlier that this is the first thing i made when i got back from alaska (and i ate plenty of it while i was there too.) this is a creamy salmon dip (because its easier to make that way) and while some alaskans will find the absence of chunks blasphemy, i don’t care. i eat it on crackers, bagels, carrots, my finger.. you name it.

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english ploughman’s lunch

so this isn’t a recipe. this is a meal suggestion for people like me who are sitting in front of a fan with a cold washcloth on my face because its a hundred freaking degrees out here.

i know, i know, the rest of the country has been dealing with this all summer but i live in oregon! we don’t get summer until the fourth of july weekend and i think the last summer we broke 100 it was 2009. and that was a freak summer. thanks a lot, global climate change.

anyway, complaining aside, i’ve had to stop the crazy pizza and mac and cheese making of 80 degree weeks past. the oven is not turning on for awhile.

for those of you who haven’t been to english pubs, the ploughman’s lunch is a simple plate of fruit, cheese, bread, butter, pickles, and sometimes meat. while brits aren’t known for their cuisine much past fish and chips, you can usually get a plate like this or a delicious wheel of brie and roasted garlic to much on with your pint. (this is making me want to walk down the street to one of the two british restaurants nearby.)

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summer squash and potato casserole

so this really isn’t a casserole. but it also really isn’t a torte, which is what it’s called on smitten kitchen where i got the recipe that created this deliciousness. what it really is, is a layered almost hash of potatoes, squash, and parmesan. whatever you call it, you’ll love it.

this is the last recipe i brought back from alaska. i tend to make this every time i go home because my mom loves it. don’t worry though, smoked salmon dip is on its way.. making that was one of the first things i did when i got back to oregon.

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