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melted tortilla soup


i love tortilla soup. love it. just writing this post makes me want to abandon this task to go eat leftovers, but i will strive to finish this so you can share in my love.

speaking of love, valentines day is driving me a bit crazy. not in the expected sense of being frustrated by all the candy and hearts everywhere. i’ve never been one to celebrate or bum out for this holiday. what is driving me crazy are all the unnecessarily pink foods and sweets that are on food blogs right now! come on, those candy “conversation” hearts are disgusting, why would you cover a cake in them? if anything it would make more sense for people to be posting how to make a steak dinner for your lover or something. well.. you will find none of that here.

i digress.. this tortilla soup is great. having worked in the restaurant industry for years i’ve had my fair share of tortilla soup. most of the time, what you get is a vegetable soup with some extra chili powder and because you get to put fried corn strips on top, it’s called tortilla soup. i even worked with one guy who literally made salsa, heated it up, and called it tortilla soup. it was disgusting. (can you tell i’m passionate about my tortilla soup?) Continue reading


pan “baked” enchiladas

take that, weather! i can make enchiladas and not turn on the oven, thus heating the house to even more unbearable levels. i know people in the rest of the country have been dealing with the heat all summer, but it has only recently came to oregon and i’m a baby about it.

eating salad and cold sandwiches and even caprese (coming soon) gets old after awhile. so i crafted a plan to make enchiladas without turning the oven on. i did absolutely no research to see if it had been done before; it could have turned out burnt on the bottom and cold on the inside and a waste of enchilada, but it didn’t! it was delicious! and i only had to have the stove top on for about 25 minutes.

the recipe that follows is my go-to enchilada recipe but you can do what you like. because i’m ridiculous i made the beans and enchilada sauce from scratch late the night before but you can keep your sanity if you like and go with the stuff from a can. the less warmth in your house, the better.

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elote salad

i first heard of elote a few months ago when someone was selling it at a street fair. though highly recommended, i couldn’t get past the idea of corn drenched in warm dripping mayonnaise. i opted for a delicious cone of salted ice cream with caramel ribbons from salt and straw. i do not regret my decision but i’m glad i made this salad.

this salad was my compromise as gobs of mayonnaise seem appropriate in cold salad and lose their taboo. the chili, lime, and queso that make up elote are all here, just in cold perfect-for-an-85-degree-day salad. the other bonus here is you can throw in tomato, radish, zucchini, or chunks of avocado to get your serving of vegetables and not just a heap of starchy (but delicious) corn.

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restaurant style salsa

you know the salsa you eat loads of whenever you go to a mexican restaurant? well i made batches and batches that never quite tasted right until i found this recipe at nosh cookbook that i adjusted slightly. plus it seriously takes less than 5 minutes to make. time yourself.

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black bean dip

the co-op down the street from my old house sold the most delicious bean dip; but it is no longer close so i had to figure out how to do it for myself. i tried a few times and finally got the right tomato to bean to delicious flavor ratio right thanks to inspiration from a recipe at peas and thank you and the secret ingredient of pickled jalapeno juice. seriously. that stuff works wonders in dips.

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