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spinach puffs


remember my lament last month about being so sick of the all-i-eat-for-breakfast-overnight-oats. not to bad mouth the oats, they’re really tasty and so easy to make. but man, it gets old after a few months. even after seeping your almond milk in lavender or adding nuts on top, there’s only so much you can change.

i first made these last month as an attempt to mix up my breakfast routine and it worked out great! it requires more prep than the oats, but it can all be done in one foul swoop on a sunday night. three of these constitutes breakfast but i prefer to round it out with two plus a piece of fruit. Continue reading


“ricotta,” spinach, and onion stuffed shells


this was my first time making shells and they have already surpassed lasagne in my book of delicious italian food. for lasagne to be good i feel like it takes loads of cheese and sauce and plates with different toppings to layer and, man, those noodles are so hard to get not to stick together and you end up with so many dishes. now don’t get me wrong.. i love lasagne. making shells was just such a wonderfully easy experience that i want to impart this to you.

while at the store getting ingredients for this i originally planned on defying my digestive system incapable of breaking down lactose and making this recipe with real ricotta but it is so expensive! i went ahead and used my mom’s ricotta substitute of tofu and i couldn’t tell the difference. without actually trying, i made this a pretty healthy meal complete with protein and not much fat at all. look at me! Continue reading

tempeh breakfast hash

as promised, i’m back posting now that it’s the weekend! yesterday i devoted myself fully to my new bike and today the kitchen gets my attention. yesterday i installed fenders, a bike rack, and mounted my bike lock. all i need is a water bottle holder now. sadly, the fact that i have a new bike means that my old one was stolen. from my backyard. with a 10 foot tall fence. that was locked. really? that thing was heavy, but whoever took it is now realizing that they took someone’s sole form of transportation for a 20 dollar bike. not cool. (rant over.)

back to the blog.. i’m toying with the idea of crafting multiple posts over the weekend and slowly releasing them throughout the week so posting is more even, but we’ll see what happens. i’ve resolved to prepare at least the first half of the week’s dinners today and am currently scheming on breakfast options beyond hard boiled eggs and fruit (it’s easy).

in order to get all of this done i’m having a real breakfast this morning. i discovered tempeh a couple years ago and love the stuff. i don’t eat it in sandwiches or add it to dishes and pretend its meat, but there are two ways i’ve found that i love. the first is tempeh a la carte: straight tempeh marinated in whatever goodness happens to be around. the second is (you guessed it) in this recipe.

years ago i experimented with being vegan (didn’t work.. cheese!) and my little brother got me a vegan cookbook, vegan with a vengance, to help. once in awhile i’ll check out the baking recipes when i don’t have eggs or butter on hand but want something sweet, but for some reason i can’t recall i tried a recipe for tempeh sausage crumbles and substituted the chunks of tempeh for potato in a breakfast hash (not the biggest potato fan here). this is the recipe the sausage crumbles inspired.

Continue reading