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cranberry walnut sourdough rolls


for the first three months of my job, that i still consider new but really isn’t any more, i have been eating overnight oats. they’re delicious, versatile, and cheap, not to mention the convenience of grabbing a jar out of the fridge in the morning, but it gets old after three months. this month i threw some new breakfast items into my routine that met the delicious and grabable criteria. it requires a bit more advance preparation but the variety is worth it.

last week i made spinach puffs that are essentially mini spanikopita bites without the hours of peeling filo dough and brushing butter. thank you, puff pastry. unfortunately, i forgot to take pictures of the final result, but don’t fret! i’ll be making them again soon.

this week breakfast is hard boiled eggs, fruit, cheese, and deliciously healthy rolls. i got the inspiration for these rolls from the portland chain of grocery stores, new seasons, that have a bakery that makes me not to want to bake my own bread. that takes a lot. but convenience has a price tag and i’m not willing to pay 12 bucks for the amount of rolls i could make myself for 6 bucks. Continue reading


honey-thyme flatbread with sea salt

this may very well be my favorite thing to eat. it is a summer staple food of mine, which is kind of ridiculous as it required you to turn on the oven to 450 degrees for about 15 minutes if you include the preheating. i eat this with sharp cheddar, fruit, raw veggies, and smoked salmon when i can get my hands on it. and of course a glass (or bottle) of wine. it makes the perfect light snack, lunch, dinner, breakfast, or even dessert.

the flatbread base is also a good staple for your baking repertoire since you can top it with whatever you like. though this version is my favorite, i often rub the flatbread with pressed garlic and sea salt and top it with olive oil and rosemary when it is done baking. the possibilities are endless.

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pita flatbread

a few weeks ago i was making falafel gyros for dinner and all of the stores near my house were out of pita bread. i figured it would be easy to make them at home so i went over to smitten kitchen and found this recipe for pita bread. as i was waiting for the yeast to dissolve in the water i read ahead a bit and see the point where she tells you to let the dough rise overnight! oh no. in goes the sugar to feed that growth.

i give you the lazy person’s adaptation of deb’s pita bread that doesn’t puff up, but is still quite delicious.

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