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beans from scratch : how to

i realize this seems like a silly post. first, beans in convenient non-perishable cans are available in any variety at the store; second, how hard can it be to throw beans and water in a pot and simmer until they’re cooked? while the from scratch method is a bit cheaper, it does take time and foresight which turns lots of people off. but it tastes so much better!

when you cook beans from scratch correctly they become a whole different food with a much deeper flavor. you also have the freedom to add spices and herbs to infuse the bean itself, as well as the liquid (making bean soup just a few additional steps). plus, it takes all of two minutes to make the adjustments.

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honey-thyme flatbread with sea salt

this may very well be my favorite thing to eat. it is a summer staple food of mine, which is kind of ridiculous as it required you to turn on the oven to 450 degrees for about 15 minutes if you include the preheating. i eat this with sharp cheddar, fruit, raw veggies, and smoked salmon when i can get my hands on it. and of course a glass (or bottle) of wine. it makes the perfect light snack, lunch, dinner, breakfast, or even dessert.

the flatbread base is also a good staple for your baking repertoire since you can top it with whatever you like. though this version is my favorite, i often rub the flatbread with pressed garlic and sea salt and top it with olive oil and rosemary when it is done baking. the possibilities are endless.

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missonary’s downfall: boozy pineapple mint slushie

i was served this a few weeks ago at the most wonderfully hosted tiki party. every time your glass was almost empty the bartender/host would emerge from the kitchen with a new concoction in hand for you to try. this was by far the hit of the party, unless you count the fries that came out of their deep frier as we were all ready to journey home.

this drink has just a hint of pineapple and is very minty. i think a little coconut cream would do wonders for this cocktail and i plan on trying it next time i make this.

because it isn’t a super icy slushie, it is meant to be drank in small cups (misleading photo here) so all your ice doesn’t melt when you’re only halfway done.

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roasted beet sandwich with goat cheese, peach relish, and spinach pesto

that spinach pesto i told you about last post was just a tease. i created it for this sandwich and i finally have the time to share this with you after a college reunion of sorts with some of my favorite people.

this roasted beet sandwich was inspired by a cafe i worked at awhile ago. i received catered sandwiches, a daily soup, and a daily hot entree to cook. with my dairy intolerance and meat aversion there was often not much to choose from. this beet sandwich was all that i could eat one day and i was very apprehensive; hunger got the best of me and i ended up saving the leftovers and eating them until they were gone.

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spinach pesto

i can’t believe it took me this long to discover spinach pesto. this was created when i was trying to re-create the most delicious beet sandwich ever, and i think arugula pesto was involved but spinach was in the fridge.

i was very apprehensive that this would taste like wilted spinach paste and i’m glad my fears were unjustified. for lack of better adjectives, this tastes fresh and green and not really reminiscent of spinach. the uses i’ve contemplated are endless, sandwich spread, pizza sauce, salad dressing with a little more olive oil, pasta sauce, dip.. because it’s light on the olive oil, there are 2 cups of iron filled spinach involved, and i usually have all the ingredients in my kitchen!

anyway, make this, now.

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