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salmon patties

salmon patties

happy summer! here is an old post that has been hanging out in my archives waiting for me to finish it. (see, i try!)

the post for this recipe was initially inspired by my mother’s visit during her spring break (mom is a teacher and i should also add she is a proud union rep for her local). mom brought salmon (fresh! smoked! canned!) and i’ve been riding the thin line between gobbling it all up and trying to make it last. now that i’m down to the final can of salmon, good news is here! my parents have been fishing up a storm and have canned and smoked and frozen the hell out of those salmon and a box will soon be on route. that last can will be history today as i await home smoked (my parents make the best!) and home canned salmon.

dad20 pounder!canned salmonsmoked salmon

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zucchini potato latkes


i love latkes. they’re like heartier hash browns that you can eat for dinner: delicious, crispy, and smothered in sour cream. except for some reason i always feel guilty eating them for dinner because potatoes, oil, and sour cream don’t exactly make a balanced meal. i’ve been known to order wilted spinach at restaurants just so i can have the peace of mind that comes with eating vegetables. (i know that sounds silly, but you know what i mean, right?)

this recipe comes from the desire to be able to just eat latkes for dinner that are veggieless-guilt-free! the added zucchini adds a vegetable to your starchy dinner and adds a lightness to those potatoes that can get pretty heavy. Continue reading