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molasses nut granola

since we last spoke i started my new job and like i promised, i was busy in the kitchen beforehand making sure i would have a good breakfast as i have to run out the door at seven to catch the bus. unlike the last job i had, i need to get up more than 10 minutes before i run out the door because i’m finally in a professional environment! i am (ridiculously) excited about things like having my own extension, calendar, and getting to go to staff meetings.

all in all i ended up making about three quarts of two equally delicious types of granola. the evening before work i fill a jar halfway with plain yogurt and fruit and top it with granola the following morning. (i really optimize my awake time so i can sleep as long as possible.) for this granola i highly recommend roasted chopped pears with a little bit of cinnamon on them.

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sweet and salty granola

i’m going to chicago this weekend! for the socialism 2012 conference which will be amazing! but i’m trying to do it cheap which means apples, carrots and hummus, peanut butter and jam, and granola. lots and lots of granola.

the inspiration for this recipe comes from alton brown’s recipe for granola. i think the most important thing i learned from the recipe is to bake it slow. i have had way too many batches ruined by hot ovens and unheard timers. this way takes longer but works better.

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