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chocolate peanut butter smoothie & RIP trayvon

IMG_1162i had a post almost all ready to go challenging the low fat culture in society (as well as in the blogosphere) but then something much more important came up. george zimmerman was aquitted in florida. george zimmerman kills a child and gets away with it because trayvon martin was black. this is a tragedy.

however, my feed of food blogs has been completely silent on the issue. i realize i’m just now publishing this post but i’ve been a little busy organizing a rally calling for justice for trayvon that drew almost 1000 people. (more national and portland coverage here.) while i shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of response from food bloggers, i am still disappointed. after the shooting at sandy hook or the tornado in oklahoma i couldn’t escape post after post praying for the victims and expressing condolences. what makes this different is that it wasn’t a white child that was hurt or killed, it was a black child whose lives are not valued in the media and whose families apparently don’t warrant those same sentiments of support and sympathy. Continue reading


peanut butter sesame cookies

gah! another week has gone by and i’m just getting caught up with last week’s creations and have nothing left after these cookies. not to say i haven’t been in the kitchen at all. but its more of a black bean tacos with assorted slaws to make sure vegetables are included in my diet sort of meal. granted, when we had my neighbor over he said they were the best tacos ever (but he eats taco bell) so i’ll probably give you the recipe next time i get lazy. on the menu this week is mac and cheese (with zucchini or not?) and figuring out exactly how to use my sourdough starter.

i’ve been experimenting in secret the past couple weeks with the 100+ year old starter i came back from alaska with. i’ve made delicious pancakes but can’t seem to get the bread under control yet. i wanted to be sure to have success before getting all excited and taking photos only to have it be a giant flop. you’ll get more of the sourdough story (hopefully) next week when i am more accomplished.

so, cookies… screw chocolate chip, i love peanut butter. the problem with chocolate chip cookies is you have a 10 minute window to eat them: they’re only good right out of the oven, when the chocolate chips are warm and melty but not so hot they burn your tongue and ruin your ability to enjoy the rest of the cookies.

this recipe, and a million alterations of it, is my favorite cookie recipe. i’ve made salty peanut butter cookies, peanut-hazelnut cookies, chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies, soy-sesame peanut butter cookies… you name it. there are many more to come as well.

tonight i completely intended to make a regular classic batch of peanut butter cookies (maybe topped with sea salt). i wanted to do something to thank some of the folks at my work for doing me favors so that i could get my bike loan by the weekend so i could buy my new beauty. halfway through i realized i forgot to restock the vanilla after i used the last of it so sesame got to step up.

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chocolate espresso cake

this cake came requested for a birthday. remembered from when i made it years ago. unfortunately, i keep most recipes in my head and that doesn’t work well with baked goods. so from what i remember, i chose the double chocolate layer cake recipe from smitten kitchen hoping it would be what my friend remembered.

soon after i began throwing ingredients into my stand mixer i realized what i probably did was take another cake recipe and substitute strong coffee for water, or milk. oops. either way, deb has never steered me wrong so i went with it.

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