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overnight oats with pear and brown sugar

overnight oats

so i’m now about two months into my new job that requires me to be at the bus stop before 7am. it was quite an adjustment at first: getting up before my cats, trying to stay awake on the hour commute now that i’m not biking, and not having a huge supply of food from which to create my breakfast and lunch.

this has meant that by the time i go to bed at 10:30 (!) i am showered, my outfit is laid out, and i have my breakfast and lunch ready to go in containers to throw in my purse. because who really wants to wake up more than 20 minutes before you have to run to the bus stop?

once i finally get around to updating this on a regular basis again i would like to have a series of easy lunch dishes. i made a delicious tabouli with veggies and lentils that has been the staple thus far this week along with an apple taken from my fruit drawer in my desk. (yes, i have a fruit drawer. i also keep lots of tea in there.) creativity is necessary when you want to get past weeks of leftovers for lunch and get past the grade school pb&j with carrots and fruit. (though i still have that about once a week.)

anyway, the day before i started my new job when i started my bed-at-10:30-breakfast-ready-to-go-routine i wasn’t sure what to prepare. when i have breakfast on the weekends its leisurely eggs and toast, sourdough pancakes, or egg sandwiches on jalapeño cheddar scones. not exactly grab and go food and with my routine, i seriously have no minutes to spare—i made bagels for one week and literally had to sprint to the bus every morning. Continue reading