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spinach puffs


remember my lament last month about being so sick of the all-i-eat-for-breakfast-overnight-oats. not to bad mouth the oats, they’re really tasty and so easy to make. but man, it gets old after a few months. even after seeping your almond milk in lavender or adding nuts on top, there’s only so much you can change.

i first made these last month as an attempt to mix up my breakfast routine and it worked out great! it requires more prep than the oats, but it can all be done in one foul swoop on a sunday night. three of these constitutes breakfast but i prefer to round it out with two plus a piece of fruit. Continue reading


lemon garlic salmon


happy anniversary of the postal strike of 1973! (you thought i was going to say happy st. patrick’s day, didn’t you?) while i do enjoy the holidays that allow me to have a few days off of work, the only holiday i really celebrate is halloween. i have a dress up box, how could any other holiday be my favorite? i do my best to ignore the rest.

holiday time on the food blogs drives me crazy. i can see the use of thanksgiving recipes and christmas cookie postings since those are some pretty food-centric holidays, but really, why is it necessary to make everything pink in february, and then green in march? soon we’ll see a million ways to make bunny or egg themed food followed by a week of margaritas for cinco de mayo, a highly misunderstood holiday but an easy excuse to get drunk and eat mexican food. are there really so many people having holiday themed parties for their friends that this stuff is necessary? and why the hell are we not making mlk’s favorite dishes for mlk day and russian food on international women’s day to commemorate the holiday started by russian women? well.. i supposed that may be my mission in the future.. to give you recipes for all my favorite non-commercialized holidays. stay tuned for may day. i can’t think of anything other than deep dish pizza and chicago dogs to celebrate the holiday started in haymarket square. Continue reading