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beans from scratch : how to

i realize this seems like a silly post. first, beans in convenient non-perishable cans are available in any variety at the store; second, how hard can it be to throw beans and water in a pot and simmer until they’re cooked? while the from scratch method is a bit cheaper, it does take time and foresight which turns lots of people off. but it tastes so much better!

when you cook beans from scratch correctly they become a whole different food with a much deeper flavor. you also have the freedom to add spices and herbs to infuse the bean itself, as well as the liquid (making bean soup just a few additional steps). plus, it takes all of two minutes to make the adjustments.

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black bean burgers

i hate garden burgers. and fake hot dogs and chick’n nuggets and all that crap. if you’re not going to eat meat, why pretend?

black bean burgers are a different story. they are meant to taste like black beans and veggies. these burgers have cumin and chili and bell pepper and are just begging to be served with avocado or corn salsa.

they’re also one step closer to the perfect bean patty which would ideally stick together not just when you’re cooking it, but also when you’re eating it. they would also not contain loads of breadcrumbs which nullifies the health factor of beans and vegetables.

that’s why i got excited when i saw this recipe that used oats instead of breadcrumbs. so, one step closer on the journey to perfection. delicious, nonetheless.

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falafel gyros with tzatziki sauce

my mom used to make all sorts of delicious food when i was a kid and i routinely turned my nose up at it and opted for cereal or peanut butter and jam. i even took to calling spanikopita, delicious spanikopita, log dump. don’t ask me where i came up with the name.

falafel was another food i despised as a child but when i tried it years later in college.. oh my god.. and drenched in cucumber yogurt sauce, even better.

i’ve given you recipes here for the falafel and tzatziki sauce. you can eat it on your favorite pita from the store, or make this lazy person’s flatbread.

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black bean dip

the co-op down the street from my old house sold the most delicious bean dip; but it is no longer close so i had to figure out how to do it for myself. i tried a few times and finally got the right tomato to bean to delicious flavor ratio right thanks to inspiration from a recipe at peas and thank you and the secret ingredient of pickled jalapeno juice. seriously. that stuff works wonders in dips.

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