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warm weather food & cucumber lemon water


oh my lord it has been hot in portland. high 80s all week. i supposed that is pretty tame based on the beating from the sun the rest of the world is getting, but here in the pacific northwest we’re not used to the heat.

growing up in alaska didn’t set me up well for the heat either. i’m proud of myself when i wear pants in 70 degree weather, something i used to make fun of tourists for doing when i was growing up. when anything over 65 means beach weather, surviving in 90 degree heat is quite an accomplishment.


i went to the grocery store this morning and we went about our usual ritual of trying to figure out what the hell we were going to eat. the only criteria for about the past month has been that any food we make cannot require time in the oven. anything requiring the stove top is carefully considered whether it will be worth it or not.

so what to eat? what old favorite to put a new spin on? i know often food bloggers are never satisfied with a classic recipe. plain latkes become zucchini potato latkes and chocolate ice cream becomes malted chocolate ice cream with sea salt caramel truffles and a goat cheese swirl. (that actually sounds so good now that i type it.) the point being: we’re not often satisfied with the usual.

while i am definitely one to throw in crazy twists from time to time this hot weather has me flocking back to some classics that i don’t think need any improving. Continue reading


adventures in gardening

our second harvest

last year the boyfriend and i decided to put a raised bed in our backyard. we never got the soil we needed and ended up with a shoddily constructed wood frame filled with weeds.

this year we did it right. we bought plants before we built the raised bed to put the fire under our asses, borrowed a circular saw from the neighbors to cut some nice wood, and filled it up with dirt. then we threw some plants in the soil and continued in our experiment.

we’ve had two harvests so far, one being a giant bag of snap peas, the next being a huge bowl of butter lettuce, some fat short carrots, and a few stalks of rhubarb. thus far we’ve learned: snap peas take over gardens but can live in the shade well, lettuce will keep on growing upward as long as you pick leaves from the bottom, and carrots are damn hard to grow. Continue reading

spinach puffs


remember my lament last month about being so sick of the all-i-eat-for-breakfast-overnight-oats. not to bad mouth the oats, they’re really tasty and so easy to make. but man, it gets old after a few months. even after seeping your almond milk in lavender or adding nuts on top, there’s only so much you can change.

i first made these last month as an attempt to mix up my breakfast routine and it worked out great! it requires more prep than the oats, but it can all be done in one foul swoop on a sunday night. three of these constitutes breakfast but i prefer to round it out with two plus a piece of fruit. Continue reading

melted tortilla soup


i love tortilla soup. love it. just writing this post makes me want to abandon this task to go eat leftovers, but i will strive to finish this so you can share in my love.

speaking of love, valentines day is driving me a bit crazy. not in the expected sense of being frustrated by all the candy and hearts everywhere. i’ve never been one to celebrate or bum out for this holiday. what is driving me crazy are all the unnecessarily pink foods and sweets that are on food blogs right now! come on, those candy “conversation” hearts are disgusting, why would you cover a cake in them? if anything it would make more sense for people to be posting how to make a steak dinner for your lover or something. well.. you will find none of that here.

i digress.. this tortilla soup is great. having worked in the restaurant industry for years i’ve had my fair share of tortilla soup. most of the time, what you get is a vegetable soup with some extra chili powder and because you get to put fried corn strips on top, it’s called tortilla soup. i even worked with one guy who literally made salsa, heated it up, and called it tortilla soup. it was disgusting. (can you tell i’m passionate about my tortilla soup?) Continue reading

“ricotta,” spinach, and onion stuffed shells


this was my first time making shells and they have already surpassed lasagne in my book of delicious italian food. for lasagne to be good i feel like it takes loads of cheese and sauce and plates with different toppings to layer and, man, those noodles are so hard to get not to stick together and you end up with so many dishes. now don’t get me wrong.. i love lasagne. making shells was just such a wonderfully easy experience that i want to impart this to you.

while at the store getting ingredients for this i originally planned on defying my digestive system incapable of breaking down lactose and making this recipe with real ricotta but it is so expensive! i went ahead and used my mom’s ricotta substitute of tofu and i couldn’t tell the difference. without actually trying, i made this a pretty healthy meal complete with protein and not much fat at all. look at me! Continue reading