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soy, ginger, and lime tofu with sautéed vegetables

i’ve been craving sesame soy green beans lately but wanted to find a way to turn it into more of a meal than a snack or a side dish. i figured the easiest way to do this would be to add more vegetables or serve it with rice or noodles but that still didn’t seem quite right.

tofu ended up being the winner that brought it all together as a meal, and it also means that i get to share with you my favorite marinade for tofu. sure its good covered in peanut sauce or grilled in teriyaki sauce, but its even better if you marinate it like this beforehand.

this marinade is actually responsible for my present love of tofu. i used to hate the stuff unless it was in miso soup (weird, huh?). granted, when i learned to love tofu it was by frying it into crispy little bites to eat as a snack, and i think anything fried has a pretty good chance of becoming a favorite.

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stir fry bowl

i was never a big fan of asian food until i started making it for myself. all too often stir fries contain giant chunks of broccoli or onion that you can barely fit in your mouth. i like small chunks of veggies, not only do they cook way faster, its also easier to make every bite the highly sought after “perfect bite” that contains a little of everything.

take this recipe as a guideline for an asian bowl full of veggies and tofu. you can make it with rice like i did here, use udon noodles, or rice noodles, only use broccoli, add a ton of zucchini.. you get the idea.

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