adventures in gardening

our second harvest

last year the boyfriend and i decided to put a raised bed in our backyard. we never got the soil we needed and ended up with a shoddily constructed wood frame filled with weeds.

this year we did it right. we bought plants before we built the raised bed to put the fire under our asses, borrowed a circular saw from the neighbors to cut some nice wood, and filled it up with dirt. then we threw some plants in the soil and continued in our experiment.

we’ve had two harvests so far, one being a giant bag of snap peas, the next being a huge bowl of butter lettuce, some fat short carrots, and a few stalks of rhubarb. thus far we’ve learned: snap peas take over gardens but can live in the shade well, lettuce will keep on growing upward as long as you pick leaves from the bottom, and carrots are damn hard to grow.

we’ve also learned it requires a lot more maintenance than watering. see, exhibit a below of what it looked like after a few days gone in chicago:

overgrown garden
exhibit b is the big pile of mostly plant trimmings once i got the garden under control:

trimmingsand the rest of the show are all of our beautiful, but still pretty overgrown plants. just like last year, i’m sure we’ll improve upon this next year and have even better luck and experience to draw from. (see, still going nuts but you can differentiate between plants now and even see some dirt!)

garden containedthese will turn into bell peppersbell peppersmy row of pickling cucumbersIMG_1121and the buds that will be pickles!IMG_1131a big squash blossomIMG_1130and the smaller of our two tomato plantsIMG_1132


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