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basic olive tapenade


oops. i abandoned you all again.

in all honesty, i don’t understand how people manage to keep updated on their blogs if they have full time jobs that take them out of their household. i suppose it doesn’t help when you have interests that take time after work and a bike that takes an hour to get work work either.


well, i can tell you that this recipe is part of a dinner worth waiting (maybe not quite three months) for. i got a little bit crazy and bought some haloumi cheese that was $9 for 8 ounces. i know its crazy but have you had haloumi cheese? first of all, its grillable. so it’s perfectly crispy and warm while being salty and creamy at the same time. ohhhhh haloumi. add to that meal some tapenade and spinach salad and you are set for a warm summer meal. Continue reading