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green bean casserole

the first thing i will say about this post is “oops.” i forgot to take some lovely pictures of my deliciously crispy onions and a picture of the whole dish once it was put together and baked and at the thanksgiving table with all the other food. you’ll just have to trust me that it looks (and tastes) great.

now i feel like i have a confession to make: i don’t really like thanksgiving. it shouldn’t really be surprising that a vege/pescetarian doesn’t like a holiday devoted to turkey but i’m also not a big fan of mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams with marshmallows, or any of the other traditional fare. in fact, i tried to convince my parents multiple times when i was younger that we should have indian (read the subcontinent) food for the holidays. (it seemed more feast-like and delicious to me.)

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chocolate coconut granola

continuing the ride on the granola train.. this is one of my favorites of the flavored variety because i’m not hugely into throwing a bunch of pie spices into my oats. add a chopped up banana to this and you’re in tropical breakfast heaven.

i created this recipe years ago when i was in college and fell in love with kashi’s coco beach cereal. this version is just as delicious but cheaper and probably healthier. because i don’t document my recipes well (until now with this blog!) i didn’t add quite enough cocoa powder but i changed the amount listed in this recipe so you won’t have the same problem.

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molasses nut granola

since we last spoke i started my new job and like i promised, i was busy in the kitchen beforehand making sure i would have a good breakfast as i have to run out the door at seven to catch the bus. unlike the last job i had, i need to get up more than 10 minutes before i run out the door because i’m finally in a professional environment! i am (ridiculously) excited about things like having my own extension, calendar, and getting to go to staff meetings.

all in all i ended up making about three quarts of two equally delicious types of granola. the evening before work i fill a jar halfway with plain yogurt and fruit and top it with granola the following morning. (i really optimize my awake time so i can sleep as long as possible.) for this granola i highly recommend roasted chopped pears with a little bit of cinnamon on them.

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smoked salmon chowder

geezus! it’s been almost a month since i posted on here… and not that i haven’t tried. i’ve started posts a few times only to not have enough time to even get to the pictures or recipe so i’ve scrapped them all. i’ve thought about it plenty but life gets in the way of life.

in the past month i’ve made so many things to share with you: pizza, carrot miso soup, twice baked potatoes, a pasta bake, apple pie with salted caramel sauce, green beans and squash, delicious herb and onion bread, and mini breakfast quiches. i’ve made plenty of other things i didn’t even bother trying to take pictures of because the kitchen was such a disaster zone.

in the past month i’ve also been offered (and i accepted!) a new job! that uses some of the skills i learned while earning my degree! (those still exist?) i start later this week! i am super excited but this means that for the first time in three and a half years i won’t be working in food service. translation: i have to make my own lunch to bring to work. i’m also starting a bit earlier so i’ll have to be better about eating breakfast.

for you that means there will probably be plenty of quick breakfast recipes (because who doesn’t have to run for the bus at 7 in the morning?) and recipes for easily packable lunch goodies. i even went to the store this morning with a plan. i then abandoned that plan and went home with this:

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