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zucchini potato latkes


i love latkes. they’re like heartier hash browns that you can eat for dinner: delicious, crispy, and smothered in sour cream. except for some reason i always feel guilty eating them for dinner because potatoes, oil, and sour cream don’t exactly make a balanced meal. i’ve been known to order wilted spinach at restaurants just so i can have the peace of mind that comes with eating vegetables. (i know that sounds silly, but you know what i mean, right?)

this recipe comes from the desire to be able to just eat latkes for dinner that are veggieless-guilt-free! the added zucchini adds a vegetable to your starchy dinner and adds a lightness to those potatoes that can get pretty heavy. Continue reading


fish schmear with chips


oops. i left you alone again for a month.

i’m actually getting quite bad at this. i made the best peppermint brownies.. and didn’t take a photo. we had delicious yellow curry last night.. no photograpic evidence (hopefully i’ll remember when we have leftovers). i have a bunch of food that i’ve taken pictures of but its so far back i don’t know that i’ll remember the recipe.

my new years resolution is to figure out how to maintain productivity with my new work schedule. its strange that i was used to getting home around 7:30 and now that i get home around 5 (sometimes 4:30!) i seem to have less time to do things. and its not that i have less time! i just haven’t figured out how to come home, unwind for an hour, and get back at it: make dinner, go to a rally, do the dishes. about all i can muster is making sure i have breakfast, lunch, and clothes laid out for the next day so i can sleep in as long as possible. Continue reading