fish schmear with chips


oops. i left you alone again for a month.

i’m actually getting quite bad at this. i made the best peppermint brownies.. and didn’t take a photo. we had delicious yellow curry last night.. no photograpic evidence (hopefully i’ll remember when we have leftovers). i have a bunch of food that i’ve taken pictures of but its so far back i don’t know that i’ll remember the recipe.

my new years resolution is to figure out how to maintain productivity with my new work schedule. its strange that i was used to getting home around 7:30 and now that i get home around 5 (sometimes 4:30!) i seem to have less time to do things. and its not that i have less time! i just haven’t figured out how to come home, unwind for an hour, and get back at it: make dinner, go to a rally, do the dishes. about all i can muster is making sure i have breakfast, lunch, and clothes laid out for the next day so i can sleep in as long as possible.

anyway, i’m just finishing up my two weeks of vacation (i recommend working at a school.)  i’ve has a good time making strange christmas cards, catching up on cleaning ,and vegging out. which brings me to our recipe today..

tis the season for comfort food! gorge on your hot chocolate, cookies, mac and cheese, meatloaf, or whatever it is that you like to cuddle up with. my pick will always be fish schmear.

my mom made what we called fish schmear when we were kids to eat with crackers and cheese. i don’t think its really a “schmear” but that’s what we called it. at some point i started eating it with chips, probably because i never seem to have crackers in the cupboard. it stuck.

so try this, trust me. its super easy to make and so delicious i always lick the bowl clean.


fish schmear
serves 1 or 2, if you choose to share

5 ounce can salmon (use what you like, just not pink—its crap)
1/4 cup mayonnaise
salt and pepper to taste

drain liquid and clean skin and majority of bones from salmon. flake salmon with a fork before stirring in mayonnaise (use more or less depending on your love of mayo). season with salt and pepper.

eat chilled with tortilla chips.


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