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green bean casserole

the first thing i will say about this post is “oops.” i forgot to take some lovely pictures of my deliciously crispy onions and a picture of the whole dish once it was put together and baked and at the thanksgiving table with all the other food. you’ll just have to trust me that it looks (and tastes) great.

now i feel like i have a confession to make: i don’t really like thanksgiving. it shouldn’t really be surprising that a vege/pescetarian doesn’t like a holiday devoted to turkey but i’m also not a big fan of mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams with marshmallows, or any of the other traditional fare. in fact, i tried to convince my parents multiple times when i was younger that we should have indian (read the subcontinent) food for the holidays. (it seemed more feast-like and delicious to me.)

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soy, ginger, and lime tofu with sautéed vegetables

i’ve been craving sesame soy green beans lately but wanted to find a way to turn it into more of a meal than a snack or a side dish. i figured the easiest way to do this would be to add more vegetables or serve it with rice or noodles but that still didn’t seem quite right.

tofu ended up being the winner that brought it all together as a meal, and it also means that i get to share with you my favorite marinade for tofu. sure its good covered in peanut sauce or grilled in teriyaki sauce, but its even better if you marinate it like this beforehand.

this marinade is actually responsible for my present love of tofu. i used to hate the stuff unless it was in miso soup (weird, huh?). granted, when i learned to love tofu it was by frying it into crispy little bites to eat as a snack, and i think anything fried has a pretty good chance of becoming a favorite.

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lemon goat cheese pasta with green bean and tomato

i feel like i’m saying this all the time, and it may be a reflection of how i cook (especially in the summer), but this is so easy! and delicious! you don’t even have to throw things in the food processor for a dressing, or the skillet or oven for roasting. oh no, this is a one pot plus cutting board meal. just to really drive in how easy this pasta is to make, i made it with a broken collarbone, i.e. one functioning left arm when i’m right-handed, when i could barely make toast.

the idea comes from smitten kitchen and deb’s amazing asparagus, goat cheese, and lemon pasta. i’ve made her version and mixed it up by adding or substituting herbs, tomato, roasted garlic, and green beans. like most pasta salads i’ve encountered, this is good warm or cold.

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sesame soy green beans with bell pepper

you’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of this first. it takes under ten minutes to prep and cook and it is deliciously simple.

however, i cannot take credit for this creation. a few years ago at the most meaty thanksgiving i have been to this was one of the only dishes i could eat, and i ate a ton of it. below is a rough recipe, though ratio is all you really need to know if you taste as you cook.

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