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basic olive tapenade


oops. i abandoned you all again.

in all honesty, i don’t understand how people manage to keep updated on their blogs if they have full time jobs that take them out of their household. i suppose it doesn’t help when you have interests that take time after work and a bike that takes an hour to get work work either.


well, i can tell you that this recipe is part of a dinner worth waiting (maybe not quite three months) for. i got a little bit crazy and bought some haloumi cheese that was $9 for 8 ounces. i know its crazy but have you had haloumi cheese? first of all, its grillable. so it’s perfectly crispy and warm while being salty and creamy at the same time. ohhhhh haloumi. add to that meal some tapenade and spinach salad and you are set for a warm summer meal. Continue reading


smoked salmon dip

i’m trying to be kind here and put off posting pictures of mac and cheese with a deliciously crispy top and gooey center i made last week. its too hot and it would be cruel to taunt you with things that require half an hour of baking time. so for now i’m trying to focus on the oven-free cooking the heat wave has forced me into.

i mentioned earlier that this is the first thing i made when i got back from alaska (and i ate plenty of it while i was there too.) this is a creamy salmon dip (because its easier to make that way) and while some alaskans will find the absence of chunks blasphemy, i don’t care. i eat it on crackers, bagels, carrots, my finger.. you name it.

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restaurant style salsa

you know the salsa you eat loads of whenever you go to a mexican restaurant? well i made batches and batches that never quite tasted right until i found this recipe at nosh cookbook that i adjusted slightly. plus it seriously takes less than 5 minutes to make. time yourself.

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black bean dip

the co-op down the street from my old house sold the most delicious bean dip; but it is no longer close so i had to figure out how to do it for myself. i tried a few times and finally got the right tomato to bean to delicious flavor ratio right thanks to inspiration from a recipe at peas and thank you and the secret ingredient of pickled jalapeno juice. seriously. that stuff works wonders in dips.

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