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mango mojito

i think that end of summer food rut i was talking about just ended. i finally made it to the saturday farmer’s market held in the space of two city blocks in downtown near portland state university. i usually go a few times a year but the amount of people herded into the space is less than desirable.

but there is so much beautiful and cheap produce! i bought an eggplant, a giant red bell pepper, and a couple poblano peppers for 3 dollars. i originally went because i wanted to get pickling cucumbers  but ended up buying a bunch of produce i had no plans for but it was so cheap and colorful and the basil smelled so good.. i couldn’t help myself.

this week i made some delicious and local dinners. you will read about those soon. i promise. but right now i have something so much better. i don’t know about your part of the country but here in oregon we are hanging onto summer. it’s almost 8pm here and its 75 degrees! hang on summer, hang on as long as you can.

so obviously warm late summer (technically fall) nights call for cocktails. because i’m not ready for cooler weather drinks i embraced the mojito tonight. at the store i intended on buying passionfruit puree to add some natural sweetness and extra flavor to the traditional mojito. well they didn’t have any but as i was walking to the register i was stopped by a perfectly ripe mango. done. here is your weekend cocktail.

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missonary’s downfall: boozy pineapple mint slushie

i was served this a few weeks ago at the most wonderfully hosted tiki party. every time your glass was almost empty the bartender/host would emerge from the kitchen with a new concoction in hand for you to try. this was by far the hit of the party, unless you count the fries that came out of their deep frier as we were all ready to journey home.

this drink has just a hint of pineapple and is very minty. i think a little coconut cream would do wonders for this cocktail and i plan on trying it next time i make this.

because it isn’t a super icy slushie, it is meant to be drank in small cups (misleading photo here) so all your ice doesn’t melt when you’re only halfway done.

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