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shaved asparagus flatbread and some announcements

asparagus flatbread

so it seems my new posting ritual has been whittled down to a monthly and when i do post they sometimes come all at the same time. i’m becoming ok with that (i have a real job for now and a pretty busy life even outside that) and while my goal is going to be posting weekly, i’m ok if even that doesn’t happen. sorry to disappoint my many fans (hi mom! hi karen!). this is tied in with announcement number one: i’m only posting the most incredibly wonderful recipes i create/come across. even if that lentil soup for lunch was pretty good, if it’s not awesome there is no place for it here. this means i have to make something at least twice at home before i feel comfortable throwing it on the interwebs so i can guarantee i have the recipe down and the first delicious time wasn’t a fluke. while i wanted to bend my rules and get this asparagus flatbread on here pronto, i stuck with it and enjoyed it a second time before passing it along.

the second announcement isn’t food related, but is blog content related. initially when i created this piece of the internet i wanted to share recipes for the awesome food i make all the time. with that comes a bit of personal sharing… why i was craving mac and cheese, where the recipe comes from, etc. when other blogs strayed from the personal to the political (the personal is political, silly) it bugged me, but mostly because the political i see on most blogs talks about individual solutions for societal problems (hello, climate change), blindly mourns tragedy rather than critically analyzes it, or throws around jingoism around any holiday they can get.

marxist, leninist, feminist, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, pro-palestinian, environmental, pro-lgbtqqa rights with your food, anyone? Continue reading