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zucchini potato latkes


i love latkes. they’re like heartier hash browns that you can eat for dinner: delicious, crispy, and smothered in sour cream. except for some reason i always feel guilty eating them for dinner because potatoes, oil, and sour cream don’t exactly make a balanced meal. i’ve been known to order wilted spinach at restaurants just so i can have the peace of mind that comes with eating vegetables. (i know that sounds silly, but you know what i mean, right?)

this recipe comes from the desire to be able to just eat latkes for dinner that are veggieless-guilt-free! the added zucchini adds a vegetable to your starchy dinner and adds a lightness to those potatoes that can get pretty heavy. Continue reading


summer squash and potato casserole

so this really isn’t a casserole. but it also really isn’t a torte, which is what it’s called on smitten kitchen where i got the recipe that created this deliciousness. what it really is, is a layered almost hash of potatoes, squash, and parmesan. whatever you call it, you’ll love it.

this is the last recipe i brought back from alaska. i tend to make this every time i go home because my mom loves it. don’t worry though, smoked salmon dip is on its way.. making that was one of the first things i did when i got back to oregon.

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mushroom ravioli with zucchini and parsley pesto

pastaworks in portland makes the most delicious pasta but unfortunately i can only justify spending money on it when it goes on sale right before it expires. tuesday was my lucky day when i picked up some mushroom cheese ravioli for half price.

i wanted to eat this with a pesto with a more mild flavor as sage, oregano, and basil can be overpowering. the parsley gives the dish a fresh summery flavor and the roasted shallot in the pesto brings a faint sweetness.

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pesto pasta salad

we used to serve a version of this at my first restaurant job and i ate tons of it. along with a super dense rich chocolate cake that came in a box and had enough cholesterol to last you a few days worth of your recommended daily intake.

i’ll give you the classic version someday but this is the roasted one i created recently. i made it as hot pasta to cure a hangover (it was all i wanted) and i found it was just as good, if not better, a few hours after it had been hanging out in the fridge.

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