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pan “baked” enchiladas

take that, weather! i can make enchiladas and not turn on the oven, thus heating the house to even more unbearable levels. i know people in the rest of the country have been dealing with the heat all summer, but it has only recently came to oregon and i’m a baby about it.

eating salad and cold sandwiches and even caprese (coming soon) gets old after awhile. so i crafted a plan to make enchiladas without turning the oven on. i did absolutely no research to see if it had been done before; it could have turned out burnt on the bottom and cold on the inside and a waste of enchilada, but it didn’t! it was delicious! and i only had to have the stove top on for about 25 minutes.

the recipe that follows is my go-to enchilada recipe but you can do what you like. because i’m ridiculous i made the beans and enchilada sauce from scratch late the night before but you can keep your sanity if you like and go with the stuff from a can. the less warmth in your house, the better.

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avocado mango salad with cilantro dressing

this is my favorite salad in existence. i’m not much of a salad fan but when i shared this with folks at a restaurant i knew i had to have more. the salad is very basic. all you need to do is chop the vegetables, roast some pumpkin seeds, and throw some dressing together.

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