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melted tortilla soup


i love tortilla soup. love it. just writing this post makes me want to abandon this task to go eat leftovers, but i will strive to finish this so you can share in my love.

speaking of love, valentines day is driving me a bit crazy. not in the expected sense of being frustrated by all the candy and hearts everywhere. i’ve never been one to celebrate or bum out for this holiday. what is driving me crazy are all the unnecessarily pink foods and sweets that are on food blogs right now! come on, those candy “conversation” hearts are disgusting, why would you cover a cake in them? if anything it would make more sense for people to be posting how to make a steak dinner for your lover or something. well.. you will find none of that here.

i digress.. this tortilla soup is great. having worked in the restaurant industry for years i’ve had my fair share of tortilla soup. most of the time, what you get is a vegetable soup with some extra chili powder and because you get to put fried corn strips on top, it’s called tortilla soup. i even worked with one guy who literally made salsa, heated it up, and called it tortilla soup. it was disgusting. (can you tell i’m passionate about my tortilla soup?) Continue reading


smoked salmon chowder

geezus! it’s been almost a month since i posted on here… and not that i haven’t tried. i’ve started posts a few times only to not have enough time to even get to the pictures or recipe so i’ve scrapped them all. i’ve thought about it plenty but life gets in the way of life.

in the past month i’ve made so many things to share with you: pizza, carrot miso soup, twice baked potatoes, a pasta bake, apple pie with salted caramel sauce, green beans and squash, delicious herb and onion bread, and mini breakfast quiches. i’ve made plenty of other things i didn’t even bother trying to take pictures of because the kitchen was such a disaster zone.

in the past month i’ve also been offered (and i accepted!) a new job! that uses some of the skills i learned while earning my degree! (those still exist?) i start later this week! i am super excited but this means that for the first time in three and a half years i won’t be working in food service. translation: i have to make my own lunch to bring to work. i’m also starting a bit earlier so i’ll have to be better about eating breakfast.

for you that means there will probably be plenty of quick breakfast recipes (because who doesn’t have to run for the bus at 7 in the morning?) and recipes for easily packable lunch goodies. i even went to the store this morning with a plan. i then abandoned that plan and went home with this:

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creamy potato soup

i feel like i need to be getting into fall foods. winter squash has appeared at the markets and stone fruit is getting scarcer and scarcer. the problem is its 70 degrees and sunny. maybe this is a normal fall for some people out there but in oregon we should be weeks deep in rain; instead we are dealing with a drought. yes, a drought in the famed rainy northwest.

this soup comes straight from my mom’s kitchen. it was one of the first recipes i asked for when i was out of the dorms with my own kitchen while i was off in college. mom’s version is fully vegan and delicious but just a tiny bit of cream goes a long way in this soup so i will often add it though the potatoes on their own make it pretty creamy to begin with. best of all it only has six ingredients (counting the cream) and only requires a bit of your attention that you can use to make bread, green beans, or whatever you’d like to serve with this. or use the time to sit down and relax because this soup can easily stand alone or just be served with some crackers.

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