Monthly Archives: June 2012

sweet and salty granola

i’m going to chicago this weekend! for the socialism 2012 conference which will be amazing! but i’m trying to do it cheap which means apples, carrots and hummus, peanut butter and jam, and granola. lots and lots of granola.

the inspiration for this recipe comes from alton brown’s recipe for granola. i think the most important thing i learned from the recipe is to bake it slow. i have had way too many batches ruined by hot ovens and unheard timers. this way takes longer but works better.

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pesto pasta salad

we used to serve a version of this at my first restaurant job and i ate tons of it. along with a super dense rich chocolate cake that came in a box and had enough cholesterol to last you a few days worth of your recommended daily intake.

i’ll give you the classic version someday but this is the roasted one i created recently. i made it as hot pasta to cure a hangover (it was all i wanted) and i found it was just as good, if not better, a few hours after it had been hanging out in the fridge.

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vegetable broth : how to

the first thing i thought about when writing this post was: the greatest hoax ever perpetrated.

well, that is definitely not the case, but at a price of at least 2.50 for a packaged container of vegetable broth that goes back in about a week, vegetable broth is kind of a rip off. especially because inever use the whole thing. unless i’m doing super meal planning that week; lets be honest, that almost never happens.

making your own vegetable broth is easy, and best of all: it doesn’t cost a thing! all you have to do is save the scraps from the vegetables you’re already cooking with. peels, skins, ends, floppy sad carrots, etc.

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pasta salad with roasted garlic yogurt dressing

the only pasta salad that i ever tend to make is either dripping with pesto or udon noodles with asian vegetables so this is a journey into the unknown. i found a recipe at the kitchn for roasted garlic, olive, and tomato pasta salad. that recipe was my inspiration for this, though honestly i glanced through the ingredients and thought “too much dairy, not enough veggies” and then just threw in what ingredients i remembered. thus this pasta salad was born.

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basic tuna salad with dill

this is one of the easiest yet most delicious ways to prepare tuna for sandwiches, crackers, melts, salads (i never quite understood that, but why not?). the key is the fresh dill, do not substitute that dry flavorless stuff for fresh dill.

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