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shaved asparagus flatbread and some announcements

asparagus flatbread

so it seems my new posting ritual has been whittled down to a monthly and when i do post they sometimes come all at the same time. i’m becoming ok with that (i have a real job for now and a pretty busy life even outside that) and while my goal is going to be posting weekly, i’m ok if even that doesn’t happen. sorry to disappoint my many fans (hi mom! hi karen!). this is tied in with announcement number one: i’m only posting the most incredibly wonderful recipes i create/come across. even if that lentil soup for lunch was pretty good, if it’s not awesome there is no place for it here. this means i have to make something at least twice at home before i feel comfortable throwing it on the interwebs so i can guarantee i have the recipe down and the first delicious time wasn’t a fluke. while i wanted to bend my rules and get this asparagus flatbread on here pronto, i stuck with it and enjoyed it a second time before passing it along.

the second announcement isn’t food related, but is blog content related. initially when i created this piece of the internet i wanted to share recipes for the awesome food i make all the time. with that comes a bit of personal sharing… why i was craving mac and cheese, where the recipe comes from, etc. when other blogs strayed from the personal to the political (the personal is political, silly) it bugged me, but mostly because the political i see on most blogs talks about individual solutions for societal problems (hello, climate change), blindly mourns tragedy rather than critically analyzes it, or throws around jingoism around any holiday they can get.

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“ricotta,” spinach, and onion stuffed shells


this was my first time making shells and they have already surpassed lasagne in my book of delicious italian food. for lasagne to be good i feel like it takes loads of cheese and sauce and plates with different toppings to layer and, man, those noodles are so hard to get not to stick together and you end up with so many dishes. now don’t get me wrong.. i love lasagne. making shells was just such a wonderfully easy experience that i want to impart this to you.

while at the store getting ingredients for this i originally planned on defying my digestive system incapable of breaking down lactose and making this recipe with real ricotta but it is so expensive! i went ahead and used my mom’s ricotta substitute of tofu and i couldn’t tell the difference. without actually trying, i made this a pretty healthy meal complete with protein and not much fat at all. look at me! Continue reading

eggplant “parmesan” with basil pesto

like most other children, i used to hate eggplant. i continued doing so until i worked in a tapas restaurant in high school where they served the most delicious breaded eggplant covered with marinara and alfredo sauces. i think they called it eggplant parmesan. well i’m not sure how to prepare the classic version of eggplant parm and frankly i don’t care because this recipe is so delicious. and made with my beautiful farmer’s market eggplant! the parmesan happens to be in quotes because there is not a speck of parmesan in this recipe, just mozzarella. i just didn’t feel like calling it: breaded and pan fried eggplant in a bed of marinara topped with melted mozzarella and (get this) pesto.

the pesto is the quiet star that brings this recipe together. rather than a basil-y marinara sauce where the flavor can all too easily get lost i made a batch of the most basic pesto with my pile of basil. the pesto doesn’t take over the dish either as it can do because its just a small amount on top. it takes this from any old eggplant recipe to something deserving to be in a gourmet kitchen. (my delicious recipe for the pesto is here but i didn’t bother with the parmesan in this case because i didn’t have any and i wanted dinner, not a trip to the store!)

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roasted eggplant and red pepper bruschetta

i think i’ve done more cooking over this long weekend than over the past two weeks. it’s been pretty lazy cooking too, but fortunately recipes like this taste like you spent a lot more time on it than you really did. plus its not the hamburger helper version of “homemade dinner!”

bruschetta at restaurants is generally caprese served on toasted crusty bread. why not call it caprese with bread? this is a hearty version of the classic bruschetta that can be made once tomatoes are out of season, mealy, or unripe. it’s meant to be served as an appetizer or for a snack at a party. that said, we ate it for dinner last night and i see no problem with that.

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