vegetable broth : how to

the first thing i thought about when writing this post was: the greatest hoax ever perpetrated.

well, that is definitely not the case, but at a price of at least 2.50 for a packaged container of vegetable broth that goes back in about a week, vegetable broth is kind of a rip off. especially because inever use the whole thing. unless i’m doing super meal planning that week; lets be honest, that almost never happens.

making your own vegetable broth is easy, and best of all: it doesn’t cost a thing! all you have to do is save the scraps from the vegetables you’re already cooking with. peels, skins, ends, floppy sad carrots, etc.

so add what you have, throw in a bay leaf, and bring to a boil. then simmer for an hour and you have delicious broth you can use in soups or to cook beans and grains in.

the most basic things that go into vegetable broth are:

additional goodies are:
garlic (not too much)
herb stems (not cilantro)

what you only want to put in if the flavor will be in what you cook it with (i.e. mushrooms for cream of mushroom soup):

deborah madison has a great guide for stocks in vegetarian cooking for everyone. though, my experience working around chefs tells me they would disagree with a few of her ingredients. to each their own.


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