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chocolate peanut butter smoothie & RIP trayvon

IMG_1162i had a post almost all ready to go challenging the low fat culture in society (as well as in the blogosphere) but then something much more important came up. george zimmerman was aquitted in florida. george zimmerman kills a child and gets away with it because trayvon martin was black. this is a tragedy.

however, my feed of food blogs has been completely silent on the issue. i realize i’m just now publishing this post but i’ve been a little busy organizing a rally calling for justice for trayvon that drew almost 1000 people. (more national and portland coverage here.) while i shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of response from food bloggers, i am still disappointed. after the shooting at sandy hook or the tornado in oklahoma i couldn’t escape post after post praying for the victims and expressing condolences. what makes this different is that it wasn’t a white child that was hurt or killed, it was a black child whose lives are not valued in the media and whose families apparently don’t warrant those same sentiments of support and sympathy. Continue reading