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warm weather food & cucumber lemon water


oh my lord it has been hot in portland. high 80s all week. i supposed that is pretty tame based on the beating from the sun the rest of the world is getting, but here in the pacific northwest we’re not used to the heat.

growing up in alaska didn’t set me up well for the heat either. i’m proud of myself when i wear pants in 70 degree weather, something i used to make fun of tourists for doing when i was growing up. when anything over 65 means beach weather, surviving in 90 degree heat is quite an accomplishment.


i went to the grocery store this morning and we went about our usual ritual of trying to figure out what the hell we were going to eat. the only criteria for about the past month has been that any food we make cannot require time in the oven. anything requiring the stove top is carefully considered whether it will be worth it or not.

so what to eat? what old favorite to put a new spin on? i know often food bloggers are never satisfied with a classic recipe. plain latkes become zucchini potato latkes and chocolate ice cream becomes malted chocolate ice cream with sea salt caramel truffles and a goat cheese swirl. (that actually sounds so good now that i type it.) the point being: we’re not often satisfied with the usual.

while i am definitely one to throw in crazy twists from time to time this hot weather has me flocking back to some classics that i don’t think need any improving. Continue reading