english ploughman’s lunch

so this isn’t a recipe. this is a meal suggestion for people like me who are sitting in front of a fan with a cold washcloth on my face because its a hundred freaking degrees out here.

i know, i know, the rest of the country has been dealing with this all summer but i live in oregon! we don’t get summer until the fourth of july weekend and i think the last summer we broke 100 it was 2009. and that was a freak summer. thanks a lot, global climate change.

anyway, complaining aside, i’ve had to stop the crazy pizza and mac and cheese making of 80 degree weeks past. the oven is not turning on for awhile.

for those of you who haven’t been to english pubs, the ploughman’s lunch is a simple plate of fruit, cheese, bread, butter, pickles, and sometimes meat. while brits aren’t known for their cuisine much past fish and chips, you can usually get a plate like this or a delicious wheel of brie and roasted garlic to much on with your pint. (this is making me want to walk down the street to one of the two british restaurants nearby.)

when its super hot and you’re moving like a slug, this is a perfect lunch/snack/dinner. five minutes of prep, fresh, cold, and healthy. below are the basic ingredients: pile them on bread or snack on them solo.

english ploughman’s lunch

classic ingredients:
crusty bread
fruit slices (apples are classic, but i also like it with strawberries or grapes)
pickled onion (YUM! i usually cut cocktail onions in half)
cheese slices
branston pickle (this is a delicious sort of pickled vegetable spread very popular in britain that my mom and brother go nuts over. you can sometimes find it if your grocery store has a european section.)

good add ons:
preserved meats (i eat this with smoked salmon but if you eat meat i imagine salami or turkey would be good)
carrot or celery sticks



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