cilantro margarita

from the posts since i’ve been back from vacation you’d assume that all i did was drink in alaska. and while that may have quite a bit of truth to it, i assure you there was plenty of other things going on that kept me occupied.

the last day i was in town i invited some folks over for margaritas, chips, and salsa. to make things easier and assure i wouldn’t be making someone a drink every two minutes i just made this mix. i opted to pour the tequila in with the mixer but you can keep them separate so that guests can choose their own drink strength.

this recipe is inspired from a little bar called the side street that routinely has the most delicious cocktail recipes and infused liquors in portland (in my opinion). they use hot pepper (chili, not black) infused tequila that you can find at most liquor stores and muddle the cilantro, but i was trying to eliminate the chunks that clog up your straw and streamline the process here.

cilantro margarita mix
juice from 2 oranges
juice from 1 lemon
1.5 liters limeade (i use the simply limeade brand to simplify this but if you are feeling inspired, go ahead and make your own)
1/2 bunch cilantro

juice oranges and lemon. you should have about 3/4 of a cup of fresh juice. throw this in a food processor and blend until cilantro is in tiny pieces and the liquid is very green. mix this in with the limeade.

at this point i threw in half a bottle of tequila, and mixed well, but i have also had parties where i provided the mix and there were bottles galore to mix into your juice.


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