lavender-mint vodka lemonade


hello online world! i’m back from alaska! it was a lovely mini-vacation (a long weekend, really) filled with smokey bars, alaskan summer ale, salmon dip, friends, blueberries, sourdough pancakes, face paint.. all that good stuff.

i brought back 4 or 5 pounds of smoked salmon, 6 jars of salmonberry and blueberry jam, and part of my parent’s sourdough starter that they’ve had for over 30 years. (the folks who passed it along to them said that it was over 100 years at that point, but who knows?)

but i realized halfway through that i wasn’t taking pictures of anything we were cooking. this was the first recipe i captured and you’re lucky i did. it’s so refreshing (it would have been more appropriate in 100 degree oregon rather than 60 degree alaska, but oh well!) and the mint and lavender compliment each other perfectly, neither becoming too overwhelming. best of all, its easy to make, even after you have had a few.


lavender-mint vodka lemonade
makes 1 drink

half sprig mint or about 8 leaves
1 shot lavender-infused vodka
8 ounces lemonade

muddle the mint with a few ice cubes by smashing it with a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon for about a minute. fill the glass with ice and pour the vodka over it. fill with lemonade, stir, and enjoy!

*making lavender-infused vodka is easy. just add a tablespoon of lavender flowers to a pint (or two tablespoons to a fifth) and let sit in the fridge for a day. taste to see if you like the strength and either strain out the flowers or let sit longer. i like to let mine infuse for two days, but be careful, the flavor can become overwhelming if you let it sit too long.


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