roasted beet sandwich with goat cheese, peach relish, and spinach pesto

that spinach pesto i told you about last post was just a tease. i created it for this sandwich and i finally have the time to share this with you after a college reunion of sorts with some of my favorite people.

this roasted beet sandwich was inspired by a cafe i worked at awhile ago. i received catered sandwiches, a daily soup, and a daily hot entree to cook. with my dairy intolerance and meat aversion there was often not much to choose from. this beet sandwich was all that i could eat one day and i was very apprehensive; hunger got the best of me and i ended up saving the leftovers and eating them until they were gone.

delicious, light, the perfect combination of savory and fruity—you must try this!

roasted beet sandwich with goat cheese, peach relish, and spinach pesto
makes 4

4 medium beets, roasted
2 peaches
2 sprigs basil, chopped
1 ring of onion, roughly minced
spinach pesto4 ounces goat cheese
4 crusty sandwich rolls

rinse the beets and cut off the root and greens. lightly cover the beets in olive oil and wrap them in foil. roast them in the oven until a fork can easily penetrate them. i roasted mine at 375 for about an hour and a half. i also found the golden beets cooked faster than the red beets.

when cool enough to handle, peel the beets. you can use a vegetable peeler for this or simple rub the peel off with a kitchen towel (if using red beets you may want to use the peeler and skip a mess in the laundry). cut into half inch slices and place, covered, in the fridge.

chop the peaches into small cubes. add to them the minced onion and chopped basil. stir well and add salt to taste.

assemble the sandwich: spread about 1 ounce goat cheese on one half of bread with a good coating of spinach pesto on the other. layer beet slices on the bread and top with peach relish. finish with chunky sea salt or fleur de sel.


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