popcorn : how to

popcorn is easily one of the most delicious snacks known to mankind. but the stuff you pop in the microwave is expensive and full of unpronounceable ingredients. the alternative: popcorn kernels, butter, and salt, is just as easy to makewithout a crazy popcorn machine that will put you out at least 20 bucks and take up a bunch of room in your cupboard. why not learn how to do it in a pan?

in a skillet (preferably one with straight sides, or a medium saucepan), heat 1 tablespoon oil to just over medium and add a few popcorn kernels.

when the kernels begin to pop, the oil is ready.

add 1/4 cup kernels for one person, or 1/2 cup kernels for a full bowl (about the size you get from a microwave bag). place a lid on the pan.

when the kernels begin to pop again, shake the pan while holding the lid on it firmly to stir around the popcorn so it will not burn. when the popping stops for about 10 seconds, you are done.

transfer the popcorn to a bowl and use the hot skillet to melt your butter. i use a little under half a stick for a full bowl.. yes it’s a lot, but popcorn was not meant to be a health food. i hold the skillet at an angle so i get a pool of butter on one side, rather than a skillet coated in butter that will not go on my popcorn!

drizzle the butter over your popcorn in a couple batches and toss the popcorn well to coat. add some salt and toss again. i highly recommend adding nutritional yeast as well.


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