bloody mary mix, for brunch

i have been hooked on bloody marys for the past month. i think its mostly the olives that you get to eat with it when you order at the bar, but its like a mini salad filled with booze.

this recipe is meant for a brunch potluck, where there are lemon wedges and hot sauce and pepper shakers around for people to tweak the recipe to their liking. while you may like it spicy, your guests might not, so don’t give everyone in your house heartburn.

making this recipe, i discovered how tricky bloody mary mix is. to get it perfect is a personal thing. when making a big mix for brunching, its best to just make the base and let your guests have at it and make it to their liking. some people at brunch let it as is, i added a bunch of hot sauce.. to each their own.

i alluded to this before; the topping is the best part of the bloody mary.. olives, peppers, pickled everything. the toppings make the salad. for this brunch i made pickled green beans and asparagus. i will post that recipe later; like i said earlier, i don’t follow recipes so who knows what went into those jars, except it turned out delicious.

bloody mary mix:
96 oz. tomato juice (this is 1 1/2 bottles tomato juice)
3 cloves pressed garlic
2 1/2 lemons, juiced
2 1/2 limes, juiced
1 T worchester sauce
2 T hot sauce
1 T pepper
1 t salt

admittedly, i think this mix is missing something. namely, celery salt. get some of that and replace the salt with it. then put it in everything because celery salt is so good.


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